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What Is Meant by Family Law? What Are the Terms and Much More in 2022

What is meant by family law?
What is meant by family law?


What is meant by family law? Have you ever considered it? We all tend to not think about some common rights that we own until we really need to know them. If you are having such a problem or you are just curious to have a better insight into the topic, we got you covered here!

In this guide, we have covered many aspects that can be considered for the question of what is meant by family law. Without a doubt, you will learn your rights better and be knowledgeable about the topic at the end of this guide.

In addition to this, we also covered topics such as common family law terms, why you may need to hire a family law attorney, and other details. We highly recommend you take a look at each heading, which can provide you with better insight.

Keep in mind that the family is the most important institution that makes up the society we are living in. Making new decisions that will affect the future of your family is an important topic. Thus, you need to follow the recommendations of professionals to avoid any possible regrets.

What Is Meant by Family Law?

The topics we need to cover and mention are quite large when we need to provide an answer to the question of what is meant by family law. Some of these topics include child custody, marriage, adoption, divorce, and many more!

This is the mean reason why attorneys studying family law specialize in different fields. Basically, family law is about almost everything about couples, who have established a family legally and people who are dependent on them. As these dependents can be their biological children, they can also be their adopted children.

In case of any dispute, you need to hire a family law attorney for your court proceedings or any type of negotiation the resolve the dispute. Working with a family law attorney will also let you not worry about legal documents such as property agreements or court petitions.

Common Family Law Terms

If you are planning to resolve a dispute between you and your current or former spouse, or with your dependents, you may need to know some common family law terms. Thus, we have compiled some of the most common ones here.

Although you really do not need to know them when you hire a family law attorney, being knowledgeable about the topic will not hurt. Here are the common family law terms you may want to know:

Prenuptial Agreement: This is the agreement that couples sign before their marriage. It lets them give up any rights in the future that may arise from the divorce or death of any partner. It includes the property, monetary and other claims.

Paternity: This is a term that is used to legally identify the father of the children. In other words, it confirms the biological father of the kid. Most of the time, women file paternity to claim child support from the biological father.

Alimony: This is an allowance that one of the couples pays to another after the official divorce. The amount of the allowance is determined by the court. However, the couple can negotiate before the court as well.

Marital Property: This refers to all kinds of properties acquired during the marriage. As it can be acquired by one partner, it can be acquired by both as well. These properties are divided and shared equally upon divorce.

Emancipation: This refers to the condition when a minor assumed that he or she can have adult responsibility for the decision of the court. In other words, it refers that the minor does not need the care of their parents and is not considered a dependent anymore.

These were some of the common family law terms that you need to know. Although they are law terms, they are widely used in society as well. Besides they will help you to improve your vocabulary, they will also let you more aware of your rights and processes.

Why May You Need a Family Law Attorney?

Most of the time, people think of divorce when someone asks them what is meant by family law. Of course, divorce is one of the common events that you need a family law attorney. However, the reasons why you need to hire one are not limited to this.

Family law is a broad practice with plenty of subtopics in it. From adoption to divorce, reproductive rights to foster care, it can include many general and more specialized topics. As you can guess, working with the right family law attorney will be in your favor.

Since family law has a broad practice, family law attorneys specialize in certain fields. Therefore, you need to find the right attorney that has experience in the field that is subject to your search. Here are some common reasons why people hire family law attorneys:


As we noted before, divorce is the most common reason why people hire a family law attorney and think when they are asked what is meant by family law. In this event, both parties hire their own attorneys. First, the attorneys will try to negotiate to avoid the trial.

The family law attorney you are going to find must be experienced in visitation, child custody plans, spousal support calculation, and material property negotiations. If couples cannot find a common ground in the negotiations, then the trial cannot be avoided.

Adoption or Foster Care

Adoption or foster care are sensitive issues and the government pays utmost attention to the procedures. Although you do not need to hire a professional for these events, working with a family law attorney will definitely be in your favor.

These two topics are the less common topics when what is meant by family law is asked. However, they are quite sensitive issues, and all their procedures are guaranteed and covered by family law.


This is a process that is commonly filed by women. It is one of the common topics that come to mind when what is meant by family law is considered. It is filed to secure child support payments from the father.

On the other hand, sometimes biological fathers also file paternity so that they can legally be family with their children. The only way to conclude these files is DNA testing, which provides 99.9% accurate results.

Although you may believe that you do not need a family law attorney because the DNA test results will validate your claims, you still need to hire one. He or she will be representing you in court.

Child Support or Child Custody

When couples fail to negotiate in their divorce, then child support or child custody comes to the fore. You can hire a family law attorney to minimize your losses or maximize your claims. A professional can guide you through the process efficiently.

Unfortunately, you will have no chance to win against a professional in the trial. Considering that your former spouse will be working with a professional, hiring a family law attorney is some kind of mandatory decision, especially in these topics.

Family Law Can Vary by States

In the United States, states can have different laws and regulations that comply with federal laws. Family law is one of these topics, and some of its subtopics may vary depending on the state you are going to file a case.

Thus, the answers to what is meant by family law question may even vary depending on one state to another. Family law also covers topics such as procedures for divorce, legal capacity, age as reasonable formal requirements for marriage, and so on.

All these and more may be subject to different laws and regulations in different states. Therefore, working with a family law attorney will be the best thing you can do to be aware of possible risks and your rights.

How Can You Find a Family Law Attorney?

Thanks to the advancements in technology, today, we can access everything we want only in seconds! This is how you found this guide. You probably searched for what is meant by family law query and your search engine offered our guide to you.

You can find your family law attorney in the same way. However, it will be better to listen to the recommendations of your friends or family members. If any of them received such services before and are happy with the results, you can contact their attorney as well. Most of the time recommendations work very well for individuals.

One thing you need to pay attention to is family law attorneys specialize in different fields. Make sure that you find an attorney experienced and specialized in the field in question. This will boost the success rate of the process.

Additionally, you can always type family law attorney near me on any search engine to quickly learn all the professionals in your area. We highly encourage you to visit their office and talk to them before you make any deals.

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