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Ohio Gun Laws (Everything You May Want to Know)

Ohio Gun Laws
Ohio Gun Laws – Everything You May Want to Know

Ohio gun laws were recently changed and provided more freedom to those who want to get a gun for any purpose. Of course, there are also some limitations that you need to know before investing in any gun.

Therefore, we wanted to prepare this guide, where we are going to discuss the details of Ohio gun laws. These new laws are effective since the middle of this year. To put it more precisely, they are in effect since June 13, 2022.

So, if you would like to learn your rights, how and when you can carry guns, or what kind of firearms you can possess, then keep reading!

What Are Ohio Gun Laws?

The new Ohio gun laws provided more freedom, especially in terms of handguns. Now, there are two types of possessions. These are permitless carry and constitutional carry. Both types offer almost similar features to those who are interested in guns.

This means that you do not have to worry about obtaining concealed handgun license anymore! In addition to this, you do not have to be an Ohio resident to benefit from these laws! This led to great speculation in the community as well.

However, what is done is done and now, everyone who is older than 21 years old can have a gun in the state.

What Is New in Ohio Gun Laws 2022?

According to new Ohio gun laws, a person, who is older than 21 years old, can buy and possess a gun without any permit. The only exception is that person should not be legally prohibited from having guns by federal laws or state laws.

Now, there are two types of possessions, which are permitless carry and constitutional carry. The only difference between these two is people who possess a gun with permitless carry are not allowed to take their guns to school safety zones.

Other than this and the fact that almost everyone can possess a handgun in Ohio, there are no other major changes in the laws.

Is Background Check Mandatory to Buy Guns in Ohio?

One of the good parts of Ohio gun laws is they did not remove the background check obligation. Anyone, who is going to buy a gun in Ohio must still undergo a background check.

This background check is performed via National Instant Criminal Background Check System. This system lets the sellers whether the person has an involuntary commitment to mental health facilities, dishonorable military discharge, or felony convictions.

In case of any of these, the seller is not authorized to sell any guns to that person. Since the seller needs to register the gun on the buyer, the system will not allow him or her to do so.

Can You Carry a Gun in Your Car?

Yes, according to Ohio gun laws, you can carry guns in your vehicle without any problems. In addition to this, concealed carriers do not have to inform the officers that they have a concealed gun in their vehicle when they are stopped by the police.

However, these carried must have an official interaction with any law enforcement. On the other hand, if the carrier is a permitless carrier, then he or she is not allowed to drive into a school safety zone.

Both carrier types can carry a loaded gun in their vehicle without being charged or facing any legal consequences.

Can You Have a Gun in Ohio While Living in Another State?

One of the most debatable issues about Ohio gun laws was this. Now, anyone who is in Ohio can benefit from these laws. Whether you are living in Ohio since birth or you visit the state for a one-day trip, you can have a gun in the state.

The law does not have any requirement in terms of residency. In other words, if you are over 21 years old and have a clean background, you can buy a gun in Ohio. Moreover, you can carry it in a loaded form without any problems. However, while returning back to your own city, the law guns of your city will be in force.

Are All Guns Covered by the New Ohio Gun Laws?

Luckily, Ohio gun laws have some limitations. According to these new laws, all the above-mentioned information is only valid for handguns. The law did not change for long guns such as shotguns and rifles.

Please note that this article is prepared just for informational purposes. If you would like to learn more about these laws, we recommend consulting a professional such as a gun lawyer, who is operating in Ohio.

If you do not know where to find one, you can use any search engine you like. All you need to do is type an Ohio gun lawyer near me on your preferred search engine to find professionals in your area.

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