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O1 Visa Lawyer – Why Should You Hire a Lawyer for Assistance?

O1 Visa Lawyer
O1 Visa Lawyer – Why Should You Hire a Lawyer for Assistance?

O1 visa lawyer
services are among the most preferred visa services among all. If you would like to enjoy a green card with the quickest way to get it and if you meet certain conditions, you can also consider applying for this visa.

According to the United States Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs O1 visa approval rate was 91.9% in 2021. Also, almost all of these applicants submitted their applications with the help of an O1 visa lawyer.

In the following guide, we have covered everything you may want to know about O1 visa and O1 visa attorney services. Considering the statistics, it may be a good idea to get one of these services.

What Are O1 Visa Types?

There are two types of O1 visas, which are known as O1A and O1B. O1A is designed for individuals who engage in athletics, sciences, education, or business. On the other hand, O1B is designed for individuals, who engage in television, motion pictures, and arts.

Depending on your unique condition, an O1 visa lawyer can provide you with legal consultancy and guidance to pick the right visa type for yourself. In addition to this, he or she can also carry out the entire process on your behalf.

Whether you are recognized internationally or nationally, or you have special abilities in any of the fields listed above, you may be eligible to apply for this visa type and get your green card.

Who Can Qualify for O1 Visa?

As we previously mentioned, the applicant must have extraordinary skills or must be recognized on an international or national level in arts, business, education, sciences, athletics, motion pictures, or television to be eligible for this visa.

Depending on your reputation, you may be asked to provide proof during your application. This is why working with an O1 visa lawyer can be highly beneficial. Thanks to their expertise in this field, you may not have to provide any evidence.

Even you may, thanks to the guidance of your lawyer, you can easily complete the process. Your lawyer will also inform you and help you to shape your application to get the visa as soon as possible.

What Is O1 Visa Processing Time?

Although O1 visa processing times are quite fast compared to most visa types, you still have some processing time. On average, this period varies between three to four months at best. In case you may a mistake in your application or miss deadlines, it may take even more.

Therefore, getting consultancy or direct services from an O1 visa lawyer can help you to shorten the time. Your lawyer can also provide you with more information about the premium processing times.

An O1 visa attorney can carry out these processes on your behalf and if you are okay with paying a $1,440 fee, you can get your O1 visa in 15 days as well.

How long Can You Stay in the United States with O1 Visa?

In general, an O1 visa is issued for three years and visa holders can stay in the United States without any limitations during this period. In addition to this, you will be able to renew this visa as much as you need.

It is worth noting that it will be renewed for a year every time and until your project is completed in the United States. On the other hand, if your project will be ending soon, yet you still want to stay in the United States, you can get professional help.

An O1 visa lawyer can help you to convert your O1 visa to another visa type so that you can keep staying and living in the country.

Do You Need to Hire an O1 Visa Lawyer?

Although the United States does not have any obligations to hire an O1 visa lawyer, we recommend you do so. Anyone can easily submit their application and carry out the processes on their own.

However, you will have read plenty of guidelines and in case you miss anything, you may have to start from the beginning. In addition to this, the fees you are going to pay during the processes are non-refundable.

This means that you will have to make the same expenses again and start the process from scratch. Therefore, working with a professional will be significantly beneficial for you in the long run.

How to Find an O1 Visa Lawyer?

If you are working with a celebrity management agency, you can ask them to hire an O1 visa lawyer for you. However, if you are an independent artist, businessman, or athlete, you may look for the referral of people you know.

In case any of them hired an O1 visa attorney before and got their visa, you can get the contact information of that professional. In addition to this, you can also contact the law firms in your area to learn whether they offer such services.

You can also type an O1 visa lawyer near me phrase on any search engine to find the professionals in your area quickly.


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