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10 Things Your Lawyer Doesn’t Want You to Know

10 Things Your Lawyer Doesn’t Want You to Know
10 Things Your Lawyer Doesn’t Want You to Know

10 Things your lawyer doesn’t want you to know can be quite mysterious topic to mention, so we decided to compile a guide on it. Lawyers are people just like us and they also have things they love and hate. If you would like to see the issues from their perspectives, then we have some good news for you.

10 Things Your Lawyer Doesn’t Want You to Know

Today, we are going to share 10 things your lawyer doesn’t want you to know. We assure you that this will give you a better insight about the services of lawyers and you will also learn quite important details that will be beneficial in your daily life. So, let’s check these one by one.

Lawyers Do Not Out of Their Offices Most of the Time

Imagine having a few dozen of clients, who have no idea about your profession or law work. Most clients love calling their lawyers –in the end, they pay for their service- and ask about the condition of their case.

This is one of the common things your lawyer doesn’t want you to know. Thus, most lawyers let their secretaries tell them that they are out of the office. However, most of the time, they are not. They just sit in their office and handle their daily business.

Lawyers Hate Giving Advice for Free

Practicing law is a quite challenging task and not all people who consult a lawyer hire him or her. As a result, it is quite natural that they charge their clients consultancy fees. After all, they convey their knowledge to you.

However, if you have a lawyer friend, you will expect him to give you advice for free. On the other hand, we are probably sure that you will not give any items you sell in your business when they visit your store for shopping.

Law Schools Have No Specializations

Unlike medical schools, law schools have no specializations. Lawyers specialize in their areas after they graduate and start working. This is achieved by practicing the same field over and over again. In other words, it is achieved by experience.

Law is a quite an extensive topic and it is not possible to know every single detail in every topic. Although they do not specialize at school, you still need to work with the right one for your case.

Lawyers May Not Recommend the Best All the Time

One of the things your lawyer doesn’t want you to know may be the best recommendation. Lawyers do not have to swear an oath on anything just like doctors. In addition to this, some lawyers may not have good intentions. Thus, you should not accept anything that your lawyer says as 100% true.

Lawyers Also Gossip

Most people forget that lawyers do not have any liability to keep your case confidential. They are not phycologists or psychiatrists. They are human just like us and they also gossip. Of course, you will not have any problems with this since most of them respect their profession and your boundaries. However, this does not guarantee anything too.

Lawyers Hate Paperwork

Did you know that almost ninety percent of the law work is carried over papers and documents? It is no surprise that lawyers hate paperwork. This is why make sure that you do not force them to fill out anything on your behalf.

Of course, this does not apply to all documents. However, if your lawyer tells you to fill out a document and bring it back to him or her, you may want to follow his or her advice.

You May Have to Pay Your Lawyer When You Lose

Sometimes in some cases, lawyers do not charge you with any costs and request a percentage over the settlement or compensation. Most of the time you believe that you are not going to pay anything if you lose the case. This is one of the things your lawyer doesn’t want you to know as well.

However, this is not the truth and it is important to read the employment contract very well. Although you may not have to pay anything to your lawyer, you may have to pay all the additional costs.

Attorneys Make Mistakes on Invoices Too Often

Most people do not check their invoices, especially the ones sent by their lawyers. After all, they are lawyers and they do not lie, right? Well, you may want to think twice! This is one of the things your lawyer doesn’t want you to know too.

According to research, lawyers are one of the profession groups that commonly make mistakes on invoices. Thus, you may want to double-check your invoice all the time.

You Can Negotiate on the Lawyer Fees

Although most lawyers say that lawyer fees are non-negotiable, there are no rules for that. In fact, if you are good at negotiating, you can get a great percentage off from your lawyer. It all depends on your skills.

Most of the Time, You Do Not Need a Lawyer

Most of the time you do not have to hire a lawyer to win the case or resolve a dispute. However, since most of us do not practice law or know a little bit about it, we believe that we must hire a lawyer.

If you have time to research and learn, you can find a solution to most of your legal problems on your own. If you have any other suggestions for us to add to this things your lawyer doesn’t want you to know list, please feel free to share them with us.


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