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L1 Visa Lawyer

L1 Visa Lawyer – When You Will Need an L1 Visa Lawyer? How to Find One?
L1 Visa Lawyer – When You Will Need an L1 Visa Lawyer? How to Find One?

An L1 visa lawyer may be helpful for you to eliminate the legal obstacles in your way while trying to get a visa. However, these lawyers may not be practical as you might guess. All the rules applied in getting a visa are highly strict.

Most of the time, hiring an L1 visa lawyer will not be able to provide you with the desired outcome you expect. This is especially true if you are violating any rules or you try to get a visa with missing documents or papers.

Therefore, it is important to understand the processes first. Moreover, you can also consider working with a solicitor.

What Does an L1 Visa Lawyer Do?

An L1 visa lawyer can represent you in legal processes and in case of violation of your rights, he or she can protect them. However, as we noted before, visa rules are quite strict rules, and everything is clearly expressed.

This is why most of the time you need to work with a solicitor rather than a lawyer. In case you are planning to take your condition to the court, then a lawyer can be quite helpful. However, other than that, a lawyer can only help you to prepare the legal documents.

Thus, you may want to work with a solicitor, which can offer the same services in a bit more comprehensive manner.

What Are the L1 Visa Requirements?

Before hiring an L1 visa lawyer, we recommend checking whether you meet L1 Visa requirements. This will help you to save money and time in the long run. These requirements are pretty straightforward.

First, two companies, i.e., the foreign company and the company in the United States must have a qualifying relationship. You need to be working for the company you are working in for a year and as a full-time employee in managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge capacity positions.

Your new job in the United States must be in the same position as the company you are working in, i.e., managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge capacity positions.

What Are the Types of L1 Visa?

Another important issue you need to know before hiring an L1 visa lawyer is the types of L1 visas. Although a lawyer can help you in all types, he or she will request detailed information about your current condition.

Thus, you need to know what visa type you have applied for, and why you are the exact causes of the problems you are experiencing. In this section, you can learn more about the visa types you can apply for.

In general, there are three L1 visa types that you can apply for. These are L1A, L1B visas, and Blanket L visas. Now, let’s check these types.

L1A & L1B Visas

L1A & L1B visas are the most common types of L1 visas and thus, most people also look for an L1 visa lawyer for these. Although both visas are intended to serve the same purpose, the only difference is the title of the applicant.

For an L1A visa, the applicant must be one of the senior managers in a foreign company. Their roles are often defined as executives or managers.

On the other hand, an L1B visa is for the employees of the company. Of course, the job definition of these employees should still fit the overall requirements of an L1 visa. In other words, it must be a specialized knowledge capacity position. Engineers, programmers, and accountants are considered in this group.

Blanket L Visas

There is also another type of visa, you can still look for an L1 visa lawyer in case of any problem. In fact, you can consider this visa type as an umbrella type. It covers both L1A & L1B visas. The company does not have to file a separate petition for each employee.

In addition to this, this visa type serves as a kind of pre-certification. If you are not sure about which visa type you need to apply for, then you can hire a professional for assistance.

As attorneys and lawyers can help you in this regard, you can also work with a solicitor.

Can an L1 Visa Lawyer Help You?

Of course, an L1 visa lawyer can help you in many matters, especially for the preparation of documents. You can also hire a professional to carry out the entire process on your behalf.

In this way, you can eliminate all the possible setbacks and future problems for a smooth transfer between a foreign company and a United States company. In addition to this, these professionals can also protect your rights and make the process easier for you.

If you wonder how to contact one, have no worries. All you need to do is type an L1 visa lawyer near me query on any search engine. This will let you list all the professionals in your area quickly.

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