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How to Sue Your Employer for Harassment? Step-By-Step Guide

How to Sue Your Employer for Harassment?
How to Sue Your Employer for Harassment?

How to sue your employer for harassment is one of the commonly wondered questions by many employees. Unfortunately, many employees, especially women suffer different kinds of harassment at work. An event does not necessarily include any sexual attempt to be considered harassment.

There are various types of harassment and you have the right to take legal action whenever you suffer it. Thus, you may be wondering how to sue your employer for harassment. In this guide, we are going to cover everything you may need to know.

So, let’s keep our introduction short and dive into our topic about how you can carry out the processes.

How to Sue Your Employer for Harassment in 5 Steps?

Most people wondering how to sue your employer for harassment tend to stand back in such events. In addition to this, not all of us start a trail every day. Thus, the uncertainty in this area is also one of the setbacks that prevent people from filing a complaint.

However, the things you can do are pretty simple and anyone can do it. This is why we have compiled the steps to sue your employer for harassment. All you need to do is follow the following five steps.

So, if you wonder how to sue your employer for harassment, here are the steps you need to follow.

Filing a Complaint About Harassment to Human Resources

First, you need to file a complaint about the harassment to the human resources department of the company you are working for. Most of the time, if you are working in a good company, the problem will be handled within the company.

You may not feel comfortable doing so since you are working there but it is a must to sue your employer or the harasser. If you skip this part, you may lose your trial or cannot enjoy the results you are expecting.

Filing a complaint and not receiving any positive outcome will legally prove that your employer is violating the laws.

Collect All Evidence You Can Find

The next step for those who wonder how to sue your employer for harassment should be collecting all the evidence they can find. This is a very important step, which will help you to prove your claims in court.

Well, what can be considered evidence? In fact, everything regarding the event or action can be considered evidence. Some of these may include offensive messages they send to you. Do not forget to take a screenshot of the messages and sync your account to the cloud to keep the messages.

You can also write a message or letter to ask the harasser to stop doing so, to which you can get a reply confirming the events.

Note Down Everything to the Slightest Detail

In court, you are going to be asked to provide details about your complaint. It is quite natural to forget some of these events. This is why if you wonder how to sue your employer for harassment then you need to start taking notes as well.

You need to be clear and specific in your notes. Additionally, take notes about the time of the harassment, what was talked about, what kind of problems you experienced and how you felt yourself.

Besides being used as proof, these notes can also relieve your emotional distress, and you can also sue your employer together with your harassment case.

Take the Pictures of Any Injuries and Get Your Witnesses

If the harassment turns into physical, then you need to take pictures of any injuries. If possible, you can also visit a hospital and get a report. In such cases, the police will also involve in the situation. You may want to get a copy of both reports.

Additionally, if there were any witnesses in the event of the harassment, make sure that you contact them too. Ask them whether they can be your witness if you file a complaint about the employer or harasser.

Eyewitnesses can significantly boost the truth of your claim, and of course, it will be quite beneficial for you in court.

Hire a Harassment Attorney to Build Your Case

The last step for people who wonder how to sue your employer for harassment is hiring a harassment attorney. Whether you are suffering physical, verbal, or sexual harassment, working with a harassment attorney will ensure the results.

They can represent you in court and defend your rights. However, besides these a harassment attorney can provide you with legal advice and get prepared for your case better. He or she may also request you to collect more evidence or find more witnesses and so on.

Keep in mind that you can sue both the harasser and the employer at the same time. You can search for a harassment attorney near me to find professionals in your area to discuss your particular problem.


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