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Family Law Cases, What Are They, Do You Need an Attorney?

Family Law Cases, What Are They, Do You Need an Attorney?
Family Law Cases, What Are They, Do You Need an Attorney?

Family law cases
are some of the most filed cases in the United States. Considering the increasing rates of divorce all around the country, this should not be a surprise for many. However, divorces are not the only factor that affects these statistics.

There is a wide range of family law cases and they are determined depending on your unique condition. This is why we wanted to compile to most common ones for you in this guide. Thus, you can have a better idea about these cases.

We will assume that you already have an idea about family laws in the United States in this guide as well. If you would like to learn more about it, you can view our other guides too.

What Are Family Law Cases?

Family law cases are considered civil cases and the main goal is to resolve the conflict between the parties. Most of the time, of course, depending on the case, the parties already attempt to resolve this conflict with settlement or agreements.

However, sometimes, the parties still cannot resolve the issue even though they hire family law attorneys. In these cases, the problem will be brought to the court, where a final decision will be given.

Parties have to accept the outcome and act accordingly. So, if you would like to know the most common cases in the United States, here they are!

Marriage Dissolution

Marriage dissolution is one of the most common family law cases. This case is opened or initiated when one of the parties would like to end his or her marriage due to a wide range of reasons. Depending on the reason, the course of the case may proceed differently.

Most of the time, this case also leads to other cases in case of the parties cannot agree upon the terms. The court can also issue orders about child custody, alimony, or regarding the property.

Having an attorney at your side in these cases can be quite helpful. In this way, you can enjoy a smooth marriage dissolution process and you may not have to see the other part if you want.

Paternity & Child Custody

Child custody and paternity are among the other common family law cases in the country. This can be because of the mother who wants the father to be declared or any of the parents seeking paternity through legal means.

As a result of this case, the paternity of the parents will be established permanently and the declared parent can benefit from his legal rights to his children. Besides, these cases may also be between unmarried children.

Most of the time such cases are about visitation schedules, physical custody, legal custody, or child support. If needed, the court may also assign a professional to the case for his or her opinion.

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence cases are also common family law cases. These cases have a priority in court. This means that protection orders against domestic violence can be issued very quickly compared to other cases.

Thanks to this protection, the victim will be protected from the abuse of the other party. In addition to this, the abuser will be forbidden to get closer to the victim legally. In case of violation, the abuser may be charged with a felony and imprisoned.

This is one of the cases, in which you do not need to hire a family law attorney to get the desired results.

Termination of Parental Rights & Adoptions

Termination of parental rights or adoptions is also some of the common family law cases in the United States. Unfortunately, one of the parents or the government can file a case in case the children are abused or neglected.

This means that the abuser will give up all his or her rights to the children. If the abuser is just one parent, then child custody will be given to the other parent. On the other hand, if the abusers are both parents, then the children will be protected by the government.

This is applied to both biological children as well as adopted children.

Juvenile Matters

Juvenile matters are also one of the popular family law cases in the country. As this can be because of the neglect or abuse of the parents, sometimes, problematic children may also be subjected to this.

The kid must involve in illegal activity for this case. Besides illegal activities, child workers are also evaluated in these cases. Moreover, child abuse and neglect can also be evaluated in these cases.

In both cases, having a family law attorney at your side can be quite beneficial in all cases. If you have a hard time finding a professional, have no worries. You can always search for a family law attorney near me on any search engine and find the contact numbers of the professionals in your area.

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