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Expungement Lawyer – Can They Remove Crimes on Criminal Records?

Expungement Lawyer
Expungement Lawyer – Can They Remove Crimes on Criminal Records?

An expungement lawyer can help you to clean your criminal record quickly and effectively. However, the most important thing in this effort is the state you are living in. Each state has different conditions and requirements for expungement.

In this regard, an expungement lawyer can provide you with legal guidance, inform you about the details or take care of these processes on your behalf. If you have committed a crime in the past and now you want them to be removed from your criminal record, then you may consider hiring one.

Therefore, we have compiled everything you need to know about an expungement attorney and his or her services in this guide.

What Is Expungement?

An expungement lawyer can help you to maximize your chances to get your previous crimes removed from your criminal record. However, each state has different conditions and requirements for individuals to benefit from expungement.

Basically, expungement refers to the process of the removal of certainly committed crimes from the criminal record. First, you need to apply for expungement in writing to the court, which convicted you.

Moreover, you must serve your sentence and you should not be judged by any crime at the time of the application. These are the main outlines of expungement and there may be additional requirements depending on your state.

Differences Between Sealing and Expunging Your Record

Before discussing the details of expungement lawyer services, it is important to be able to make a distinction between sealing your record and expunging your record. These two terms are often used interchangeably but they are legally different terms.

Expungement refers to the removal of certain crimes from the criminal record of the person. If a person can benefit from this opportunity, his or her crimes will not be associated with the criminal history of the person, and it can be considered that they simply disappear.

However, sealing refers to a slightly different process. The charges continue to exist, but they cannot be viewed by the general public.

What Does an Expungement Lawyer Do?

According to the Department of Justice, about one-third of adults, more than 70 million, living in the United States have a criminal record. This is one of the highest rates in the world and as you might guess, it can lead to severe problems, especially in business life.

However, an expungement lawyer can help these people to expunge their previously committed crimes from their criminal record. If this may not be possible, they can also help seal the records.

It is important to discuss your unique condition with an expungement attorney to learn whether you are eligible for this process or not before you hire one.

Can They Help You to Expunge Misdemeanors from Your Criminal Record?

Misdemeanors are considered minor crimes and they are often punished with monetary fines or serving in county jail. An expungement lawyer can easily help you to expunge these crimes from your criminal record.

Of course, the requirements of your state laws also matter in this respect. However, in general, all states allow the expungement of such crimes. A professional can guide you or carry out all these operations on your behalf.

Some common crimes in this category include resisting arrest, trespassing and vandalism, non-violent crimes, traffic crimes, DUI charges, first-time drunk driving, and simple theft-related crimes. Although you can remove them from your criminal record, you cannot undo their penalties.

Can They Help You to Expunge a Felony from Your Criminal Record?

Unfortunately, even the best expungement lawyer cannot help you to expunge felony crimes in certain states. Some states do not allow the expungement of any felony under no condition. On the other hand, some states allow the expungement of certain felony crimes.

Unlike misdemeanors, felony crimes are more serious crimes, but they are also divided into various categories within themselves. Some less serious felony crimes such as drug possession can be removed from your criminal record in certain states.

In addition to this, none of the federal convictions for felony crimes can be expunged from your criminal record under any condition. You can discuss your crime with your lawyer to learn alternative ways to get rid of them in your record.

How to Find an Expungement Lawyer?

Finding an expungement lawyer will not be a challenge in any state but finding the experienced one requires some care and attention. Keep in mind that it can be a costly process when you are going to hire an experienced lawyer.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that the expungement process is a tricky process that requires expertise. Therefore, you should pay attention to the qualifications of your expungement attorney and try to get a consultation or hire the most experienced ones to get the best results.

Thus, you can search for an expungement lawyer near me on search engines and pay a visit to their offices to discuss your issue in person.

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