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Criminal Law Firm Long Island (10 Best Law Firms)

Criminal Law Firm Long Island
Criminal Law Firm Long Island – 10 Best Law Firms

Criminal law firm Long Island is one of the most searched queries in New York state. If you are living in the area and looking for a reliable partner to hire, then you have pretty limited options in this regard.

However, having limited options does not mean that you cannot find a reliable and professional lawyer. In fact, when the criminal law firm Long Island is in question, many people know that they can find top-class lawyers, who are experts in their jobs.

So, if you would like to learn more about these and much more, including criminal laws, then we suggest keeping reading.

What Are Criminal Laws?

A criminal law firm Long Island can help you in all aspects of criminal laws. Well, what are these laws? In fact, they are a set of laws that provide legal guidance for judges to punish criminals.

These laws are designed to include results and conclusions for each criminal act. However, professionals can bend the truth and try to affect this result and conclusion equation in favor of their clients.

Besides the criminal laws themselves, there are also common laws. Common laws are very similar to criminal laws, but the only exception is they base on the decisions of previous cases.

What Are Criminal Law Types?

Just like all laws, criminal laws also have different types. A criminal law firm Long Island can provide you better insight into these types depending on your unique condition and other factors. However, we will be covering two of the most important and common types in this guide as well.

Keep in mind that you should not evaluate your own cases on your own without enough knowledge of the laws. This will only mislead you and you may suffer unwanted consequences, especially if you believe you can represent yourself.

Therefore, working with a professional is highly recommended, which we will cover in the following sections.


A criminal law firm Long Island can help you with a misdemeanor. This is one of the types of criminal law and refers to the lower-level criminal offense. For example, petty thefts, traffic offenses, and minor assaults are considered in this group.

If you do not repeat the action too often, you have no chance to serve time in jail. Therefore, you do not have to work with a professional, especially since the fine will be low. In such cases, hiring a professional can be more costly than the penalty itself.

Thus, we do not recommend looking for a lawyer unless it involves another party with a lawyer.


Felony is another type of criminal law, and we recommend seeking the assistance of a criminal law firm Long Island. These crimes are considered more serious offenses and you really need to work with a lawyer.

Crimes such as arson, robbery, rape, drug dealing, manslaughter, and murder are some of the most common crimes of felony type. Most of these crimes will require you to serve at least a year or more of prison time.

Besides the state laws, you may also be charged with federal laws. In other words, you will be in real trouble, and you should definitely seek the help of a professional.

Do You Need a Lawyer for Criminal Case?

If your crime is a misdemeanor, most of the time you do not have to contact a criminal law firm Long Island. On the other hand, if the crime can be considered a felony, then you really need a lawyer.

Keep in mind that there are many factors that you need to consider when you need a lawyer or not. Any misdemeanor case can be converted into a felony depending on the nature of the event that took place.

Therefore, we recommend working with professionals at all times. The only exception may be misdemeanors such as traffic tickets and other minor crimes, where you are charged with fines.

10 Best Criminal Law Firm Long Island

If you are looking for the best criminal law firm Long Island, then this section is for you! Although the best concept may vary depending on your unique case and the expertise of your lawyer, we have picked the best 10 alternatives for you.

These are some of the most reputable lawyers and law firms you can contact in Long Island. However, if you would like to find more businesses, you can always make quick research on any search engine by searching for a criminal lawyer near me in Long Island.

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