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Child Custody Lawyer (All Details You Need to Know Before Hiring!)

Child Custody Lawyer
Child Custody Lawyer

A child custody lawyer is a professional, who can help you to keep your children with you and protect their rights. Unfortunately, child custody is one of the most disputed topics in divorces, and their number is increasing every passing year.

When couples cannot agree on who will keep the child, both seek professional service from a child custody lawyer. This professional will provide the necessary reasons why you need to be the partner who keeps the children and undertake their responsibilities.

However, there are certain considerations you need to know before hiring a child custody attorney. In this guide, we have summarized all of them for you!

What Does Child Custody Lawyer Do?

A child custody lawyer relieves the paperwork and procedure load of the parties, who are already going through a lot of emotions. As divorce cases can be quite overwhelming, the possibility of losing custody of your children can be quite stressful.

Thus, these professionals will not only ease your stress but also pay an effort to make a difference in the result of your case. For this purpose, they will collect evidence, build a strong case and try to perceive the court why you need to keep your children.

Keep in mind that no regular citizen will have a chance against a professional. Thus, it is very important to work with a professional.

What Are Child Custody Types?

There are three types of child custody that the parent may have. These are 50% – 50% custody, temporary custody, and primary custody. A child custody lawyer will discuss all these possibilities with you and depending on your demands, he or she will build your case.

On the other hand, in terms of legal aspects, there is two child custody. These are legal custody and physical custody. Have no worries because we are going to discuss them in detail in the following.

In general, people hire a child custody attorney to get physical custody of their children. However, depending on your case, you may also look for legal custody.

Legal Custody

A child custody lawyer can help you to get legal custody of a child to have the parent’s legal rights and responsibilities. If you have a child from someone, to who you are not married, then you can demand legal custody.

In this way, you will be the legal parent of that child and will be responsible for making decisions for your child. This includes decisions in education and health as well. Most of the time, if there is no compelling reason, both parents will be retaining the legal custody of their child.

If you do not get physical custody of your child, the court will award you with legal custody as well.

Physical Custody

Physical custody is the one that we all know as child custody. If you had a troubled divorce process and you want to keep your children with you, then you need to get this custody type with the decision of the court.

In this regard, a child custody lawyer can be really helpful for you. This is the main reason why most people also look for a professional in this area. Physical custody determines where the children will live.

In addition to this, it limits the time that the other parent can spend with the child. Physical custody can be granted even in joint custody.

Do You Need to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer?

If you want your children to live with you and be the parent who is responsible for making choices for their good, then you need to hire a child custody lawyer. The only exception here will be when you agree on the terms with your former spouse.

In such cases, you will not have to worry about hiring a professional. The court will confirm your decisions only if you meet the requirements. However, this will not be the case in many divorces.

Although you are not obliged to hire a professional, you will have no chance of winning the case against a professional. Thus, hiring one will definitely help you to keep your children.

How Much Does a Child Custody Lawyer Cost?

This is a bit tricky question since the pricing of each child custody lawyer may vary depending on many factors. The first and most important factor will be the reputation or experience of the lawyer you are going to work with.

An experienced child custody attorney will cost you more because you will have more probability to win your case. However, in general, we can easily say that you will be paying something between $1,000 and $5,000 for their services.

Since the costs may vary depending on the state you are living, the best way to learn the costs will be by contacting them. You can search for a child custody lawyer near me on search engines to find professionals in your area for a consultation.

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