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Best Law Schools – 10 Best Schools to Consider Enrolling

Best Law Schools
Best Law Schools – 10 Best Schools to Consider Enrolling

The best law schools list varies every year but some universities manage to stay at the top of the list every year! In this guide, we are going to share some of the best schools that you can consider applying for.

If you want to pursue a career in the law industry, then attending one of the best law schools can help you to enjoy a head start. On the other hand, this will not be an easy task at all. According to Integrated Land and Resource Governance, the top ten law schools in the United States has acceptance rate lower than 30%. The top three schools’ acceptance rate is also below 15%.

So, you need great grades, will be accepted, and should not miss any deadlines. Of course, the cost is also another element you need to consider.

10 Best Law Schools You Can Consider Enrolling

Below, we have offered the 10 best law schools you can enroll in the United States. We have shared some of the details such as the cost and the number of students they accept every year. Keep in mind that we shared these universities in a particular order, which is the best to good.

We have also added the acceptance rate for each school, so you can evaluate your overall chances of getting accepted. So, let’s check them one by one together!

Yale University

Yale University Law School ranks number one in the best law schools list for many years. Most people expect Harvard, but the overall ranking of Harvard is decreasing every passing year. It will cost you $69,433 and the school only accepts 636 students every year. Moreover, the acceptance rate to Yale University Law School is only 10%.

Stanford University

Stanford University ranks number on the list and it will cost you $66,396. In addition to this, the application deadline for the university is February 15, and it accepts only 577 students every year. Additionally, Stanford University has a very low acceptance rate such as 11%.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago ranks number three in the best law schools list. The good thing about this law school is it has two times higher acceptance rate compared to previous ones, which is 22%. On the other hand, it is a bit expensive, costs $72,081, and only accepts 626 students.

Columbia University

Columbia University in New York is one of the rising universities in the last decade. Studying law at this university will cost you $76,088 and it only accepts 1293 students every year. Just like the University of Chicago, Columbia University also has a 22% acceptance rate.

Harvard University

Harvard University can only rank number five on the best law schools list with an 18% acceptance rate. This law school accepts 1747 students every year and attracts attention with its high number of students. Moreover, it will cost $68,962 for each student.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania also offers quite average pricing for law school students, which is $70,042. The school accepts 824 students every year and its acceptance rate is 19%. Last year, it received more than 14,000 applications as well.

New York University

New York University is the second university in New York, which manages to get its place in the best law schools list. The university has a 33% acceptance rate, which is the highest rate on the list. Moreover, it is the second-highest applied school with more than 16,500 applications. The school accepts 1,413 students every year and it costs $73,414.

University of Virginia

The University of Virginia ranks number nine on the best law schools list and it costs $66,500. The school only accepts 922 students every year and has a 20% acceptance rate. More than 15,000 students applied to this school last year.

University of California

The University of California is the cheapest school you can attend on this list and it only costs $56,858. It accepts 1088 students every year and has a 21% acceptance rate. Besides its great education, the University of California is also preferred due to its location. The school was applied by more than 14,000 students in the previous year.

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is the last university on our list with an acceptance rate of 28%. The school is one of the cheapest schools with $64,098 in tuition. In addition to this, it accepts 964 students every year.

We have listed all the best law schools in the United States for you in this guide. Although it is very important to focus on your self-development while studying, graduating from one of these schools can be quite helpful for your career.

Most employers would love to hire students who graduated from any of the above-mentioned schools. So, you may want to put them under your radar and apply to them as your priority to get better jobs once you graduate.


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