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Name Change Lawyer in 2022 ( 9 Things You Should Do )

Name Change Lawyer
Name Change Lawyer

Name Change Lawyer we are here with an important topic such as.  There may be a period in your life when you decide it’s time to change your name. You can be changing for a variety of reasons. You could want to have the same last name as a certain parent.

You could be starting a love relationship, but you won’t be able to legally change your name and get married. You can feel that your existing name does not suit you or that you would like a new name that better reflects your gender identity. So, if you want to change your name you should get support from a name change lawyer.

Qualifications for Name Changes

If you’re an adult or have a minor kid, you may alter your name. A legal name change requires a court application, following a specified procedure, and is authorized and concluded by a magistrate.

Since a name change is a legal procedure, you must file a name change petition in a court that has jurisdiction over you and the case. To apply in a county, you must have resided there for at least a year.

How Do I Change My Name?

You must go through the county’s probate court to change your name as an adult. The probate court in each county will need certain papers.

Forms for File Name Change

You must submit the paperwork to your county clerk’s office after correctly and fully filling them out. You’ll need to pay a filing fee and provide picture identification. Within 45 days after the application date, you will be given a hearing date.

Provide Cause for the Name Change

You must provide your justification when submitting a name change application. Although you don’t have to go into detail, you should provide a more official justification than “I want to.”

Adults often change their names for the following causes:

    • I like the new name, and I want to be able to get the right identification.
    • My gender identity is reflected in my new name.
    • The new name acknowledges my ongoing love relationship.
    • When I was married or divorced, I didn’t change my name, but I would want to now.
    • The new name is the same as the name of my parents.

You must post notice of your plan to change your name at least 30 days before your hearing in a local publication with wide circulation. You should speak with the name change lawyers if you have any concerns about when and how to publish notice of your name change.

Attend Your Hearing

You must appear in court for the hearing when a magistrate will examine your request to alter your name. The magistrate will decide if you fulfilled all legal requirements, including posting the required notice, in order to change your name. They will also examine if the name change has a justifiable and legitimate purpose.

What Is the Price of a Legal Name Change?

Your name change will cost money. You must first pay the filing fee to the county. The cost of printing the notice in the newspaper is the second thing you must pay. Normally, this costs $30.00 to $50.00. Your county’s filing costs and the newspaper’s fees determine the final cost.

However, this is very important. You will get faster results if you carry out all stages of this process with a Name Change Lawyer. Because the lawyer will explain step by step what you need to do and support you.

What Happens After I Change My Name?

Changing your name legally is only the beginning of a drawn-out process. Following the court’s approval of the name change, you must:

    • To get a new Social Security card, update your information with the Social Security Administration.
    • Obtain a new state ID or driver’s license.
    • Send the data to the Ohio Department of Health if you were born there to get a new birth certificate.
    • Alert your employer or place of employment.
    • Tell your bank.
    • Notify all of your creditors, especially those that offer mortgage, vehicle, or credit card services.
    • Let your physicians know.
    • Update all of your legal paperwork, including your will and estate planning documents.
    • Renew your insurance coverage.

You must deliver a certified copy of the court order to each of these parties as well as any other relevant governmental or commercial entities.

Is it Possible to Change Your Name if You Have a Criminal Record?

Depending on the crime(s) you were convicted of, you may or may not be able to change your name if you have a criminal record.

If you were found guilty of a crime involving any of the following:

    • Identity Fraud
    • Child Victims
    • Sex Crimes

You are not barred from changing your name if the only things on your record are traffic tickets or one drunk driving charge.

As long as they were not committed for sexual purposes, did not involve children, and were unrelated to identity fraud, other more severe crimes and felonies are likewise not a concern. Working with a Name Change Lawyer on name change will speed up the process.

If you are looking for a name change lawyer near me, then our article will be beneficial for you.  Also you can read about laws in the USA and other states regarding name change here -> Wikipedia Name Change

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